Get the Scoop On Inbound New and Pre-Owned Vehicles

Can't find your dream car? No worries!

You may have noticed that vehicle inventories at dealerships appear shorter than usual. But, that does not mean that you have to settle on your next vehicle purchase. We have the ability to help you reserve your car by looking at what vehicles we have coming our way - whether New, which may be on the factory floor, or Previously Owned and getting prepared for display. If our incoming inventory hasn't sold you, we can pre-order your dream vehicle or go out and find it for you! That way, you can get the correct configuration and color for your specific needs and enjoy your vehicle to the fullest. Please complete our form so one of our Inventory Managers may begin their search and connect with you about the results.

We serve the East Bay, the Peninsula, and down the coast, with luxury vehicles and commercial van sales, service and repair. Find the best vehicle offers and incentives when you visit our dealership. Our experienced Sales team will assist you through every step of the purchase process. Their years of automotive experience and in-depth product knowledge can help you find the top rated vehicle of your dreams!

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